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Sometimes tough to hear, sometimes messy, unexpectedly funny ... it's all about shining a light on life's bitter times to find the hidden sweets.


One Friday night in May 2008, Marie was puttering around getting ready to meet her husband at his sister's place for drinks. Then the phone rang. 

A woman said "I'm calling from the West Shore RCMP and letting you know that we're charging your husband with first degree murder. Can you bring some clothes and his reading glasses to the jail sometime tomorrow?"

Marie was stunned. That was the beginning of a two year nightmare that haunts Marie to this day. A nightmare that would see her husband and two sons on trial for murder. A nightmare that played out publicly with her family referenced as the local mafia. A nightmare that took her financial security, her standing in the community and her trust in legal and police authorities. 

On Sweet Bitters we’re going to start with Marie’s story as we explore emotional pain through the personal stories of our own experiences. We’ll talk about addiction, abuse, self harm, assault, loss of faith, and betrayals. Sometimes it will be messy, sometimes confusing, a lot of the time it’ll be hard. And incredibly, sometimes we’ll end up laughing.


We’ll journey through the sadness and bitters but we’ll also talk about where you find the joys and triumphs, the sweets.  Our goal over time is to start incorporating your stories and experiences into the podcast. 


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Published May 27, 2022

Episode 10

One morning Marie got a call that Greg had missed check-in at the halfway house. Now he's back in jail and Marie is figuring out how she feels about that.

Ep. 9 Kenny.jpg

Published May 13, 2022

Episode 9

It's been five years since the darkest day of Marie's life. In this episode, she tells us what happened that day and her journey since then.

Ep. 8 Drugs.jpg

Published April 29, 2022

Episode 8

Marie describes how drug addiction upended their family life and the desperate measures they took to get their boys off drugs.

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Sue Elrington

My work has always involved telling stories so I was excited at the opportunity to be involved in telling Marie's story.  What I didn't see coming was how I would be affected by her story and find more depths to explore in my own life sotry. 


Marie Brotherston

Fitness has been a driving passion in my life. A healthy body, a healthy mind. But the events of 2008 had me doubting my mental and emotional strength. The Sweet Bitters podcast is a completely new venture for me and I feel it's helping me get stronger every day.

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