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It's almost time to launch the podcast

When we released the trailer for Sweet Bitters we were so heartened by the response. We've heard from friends with lovely words of encouragement. Marie has heard from family members who will be learning many aspects of her story for the first time. And we've heard from people who don't know us but found the premise and tone of Sweet Bitters resonated with them.

It's taken a long time to get here. We can't count the number of hours we've spent talking. In many ways this process was a wonderful release from the stresses of the pandemic. We've realized some key things about the way we work. For example, when something's not sitting right we both just avoid working on it until a solution finds us. That's one reason this process has taken so long.

And we've learned to put the non-podcast related discussions off until the end of our working sessions. That's because we can spend hours talking about all sorts of things. At times we've felt we've wasted that time but in fact, we've often stumbled upon thoughts that end up at the core of our episode planning weeks later.

We started this project as a producer and a client. But that lasted about ten minutes. We quickly broke down the walls that exist between strangers and got to know each other very well. If nothing else comes out of Sweet Bitters, we'll always treasure this deep and profound friendship.

It's our hope that when you tell your story you discover similar unexpected treasures. Thanks for coming on this journey with us.

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