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Life and Curveballs

Normally we would have a blog entry that related to this week's episode of the podcast. But two weeks ago, real life interrupted the flow of the podcast, among other things.

As you may know by know Greg was pulled back to the world of drugs. He breached his probation and was arrested two days later. He's back in the system and ready to pay the consequences of his actions. It's unclear right now exactly what those will be.

We had just finished taping an episode of the podcast where Marie expressed her optimistic hopes for Greg's future. He'd been sober for three years so she had dared to hope this was the time it took.

As you'll hear in this week's episode, that hope never quite goes away. No matter how many treatments you try. No matter how desperate you get. No matter how extreme your efforts become to rescue your child from drugs. As a parent who loves her child, Marie will probably never fully extinguish hope for a sober future for Greg.

Many of us tend to think we'd know exactly what to do if our child turned to drugs. We think we'd be able to appeal to their rational side, their emotional connection to us, their sense of responsibility to us .... anything. But when you listen to Marie's story, you realize that's what drugs steal. It's hard for any of us who haven't lived it to fully comprehend the particular agony of a parent when they realize that drugs can hold a more powerful pull than their own powerful love.

Sweet Bitters will address how Marie is dealing with the latest curve in her journey's path in Episode 10. We hope you'll continue to travel this road with her.

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