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Pillars of Sand (Ep. 6)

In Episode 6 Marie talks about a letter she wrote to the media, articulating her frustration with coverage of her family. She never received a response.

Here is that letter.

What I am about to say is my opinion only. I have learned a lot since May 30, 2008. Specifically

about the justice system, jail, crown counsel, police investigators and the media. I have trial transcripts, preliminary trial transcripts, witness statements, Judge Janice Dillon’s decision and my personal observations on which I base my opinion.

I had chosen to remain silent regarding evidence, misinformation and out and out lies out of respect for Mrs. Taylor, who lost her son Friday May 30, 2008. No mother should have to bury a child and I am deeply sympathetic to her loss.

It is a funny thing what sends you over the edge so to speak. In my case it was CTV News’s recently labelling my family and I “NOTORIOUS”. When I looked up the meaning of “NOTORIOUS” I read the following; widely and unfavourably known, not to be believed, shady, discreditable, disgraceful, dishonourable, shameful and unrespectable.

The power of the media is enormous and generally most people rely on “The NEWS” to inform them of the facts as they have little time to research issues themselves. In my experience most people believe if it is printed or spoken by the media it is in fact true.

What I can tell you from experience is most often you hear only a small portion of the evidence. In fact, reporters are often only in the courtroom in the morning when Crown is presenting their witnesses. They are not often present in the afternoon when Defence cross examines and evidence changes.

I have learned that if you are charged with a crime whether acquitted or not you are generally believed to be guilty. It is understandable in the circumstances as only those present at court or those who do their own research ever know the whole story.

The media, from the start chooses the spin they wish to create for a particular story. They sensationalize, use words like, malicious, dumped the body, shocking verdict, in an effort to garner viewers. If the information they shared with the public is proven false they do not modify or correct misinformation.

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